The Bohemian Grove Trilogy – Is It Worth a Read?

In the past,I have done giveaways on my Facebook page. One was a book by author T.M. Williams. So tonight I would like to share some of the reviews for her first book titled The Bohemian Grove. It is the first book in a series of three, and I personally loved it.

For me, it stuck to me the same way that The Hunger Games (trilogy) did – honestly! It is of course, a completely different type of book, but it really sucked me in. This book was one that I didn’t want to end, and I caught myself wondering for more than a week after I finished it, how true it really could be. The more you read her books, the more you will see that each one, although fiction, has an element that keeps it so close to reality that you can’t help but wonder if/when it may come true!


By the way – out of sixteen reviews on, ALL were 5/5 stars.

Book Description:

What if alien life did not contact us? What if we are alien life?

Meet the Bohemian Grove trilogy.

A woman named Carter discovers that she is of alien descent, an Anunnaki.  An alien descent that the Vaticates, protectors of faith and religion, are trying to eradicate.

As Carter finds that she holds the key to connect with her ancestors from the planet Nibiru, the Vaticates are successfully annihilating her alien race, one by one – with their target specifically set on her.

Jack is in the wrong place at the wrong time and ends up tangled up in the chaos and dangers of Carter’s life. As they become drawn to each other Carter meets another who calls to her in ways she can not  control. The only question is, is it because of their celestial link? Or because of something more?


Biju Viswanath, Award Winning International Film Director “T.M. Williams writes from the heart. Her stories are very evocative and universal. I am very excited to co write the screenplay with her for my next feature film. The story has immense potential to become a very good movie.”

Melissa “Don’t let the title fool you, although Bohemian Grove centers around conspiracy it soon unravels into a thrilling tale where the young protagonist Carter is caught between an ancient lineage and modern power struggles. After discovering a heritage unlike that of any other, Carter must unveil many secrets in order to decide where she stands. And as if that isn’t enough, Carter’s heart must also endure trials and tribulations as she struggles between a web of desire and deep love. A page turner, Bohemian Grove leaves the reader enthralled in a world of mystery and intrigue, yearning for the next sequence in the ongoing series.”

Ronald C. Tobin “Author of A RUBY FOR A VICTOR” “BOHEMIAN GROVE is a book whose story really grew on me. I was initially expecting a solid read with rather clearly defined good and evil elements. I must say I was delighted to find a story with real depth and outstanding plot lines. Good and evil are not so clear cut here.

Carter, the lead character, discovers she is an alien, an Anunnaki, a race that has been shepherding along human development, even human evolution. On the other side are the Vaticates, who are the defenders of faith and religion, bent on destroying the Anunnaki.

Essentially Carter and her friend Jack are kidnapped by the Anunnaki and taken to Bohemian Grove. There Carter learns more about her heritage and how very special she is, to both sides of this argument. Carter becomes entangled in a love triangle with Jack and William. William is an Anunnaki, to whom she is very much drawn. Jibril, leader of the Vaticates, tells Jack that Carter should beware of William, because he claims William can extract the information the Anunnaki from Carter even if she ends up dead.

There are many altercations in the book. It is very fast paced and it really makes the reader pay attention. Is either side in this really in the right? Would the new knowledge put an end to faith and religion? Even if so, does this justify the genocide the Vaticate is apparently perpetrating? It becomes crystal clear that Carter isn’t being told everything. No doubt some of that which is being held back is actually vital – to her survival and to the survival of humanity.

If you like being made to think, as I do, then this book is a must read. I am definitely looking forward to the next book!”

Charity Spaich  “Another remarkable work from T.M. Williams. Not only did I find myself wanting to read more but I was able to look into history from another angle. Whether it be something possible or just a wonderful thought to fall asleep to, Bohemian Grove will keep the gears turning and the lamp on!”


NOT ENOUGH?? Go ahead and look at the rest of her amazing reviews here:

So what are you waiting for? Get to reading and  watch my Facebook page for future giveaways!


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