Ready To Be Stranded? — Car Emergency List

Here in Buffalo, we are expecting another supposed snow storm. The weatherman is calling for windchills at about -20 to -30 degrees (F) and lots of snow and ice. While it is always a good idea to be over prepared, I figured that I would share my list of items to have especially in the winter in case of an emergency. So here are my ten items that everyone should keep on hand during scary weather pattern traveling.

1. A full tank of GAS!!!! — If you are stranded, it will help to keep your car warm and running for awhile

2. Gloves/Scarf/Hat/Boots/Extra Clothes if you aren’t already wearing them (in case you have to walk or the gas runs out)

3. Kitty litter, sand, or gripable material in case your tires get stuck

4. Mini Shovel

5. Blanket

6. Water/Snacks

7. Car Brush/Ice Scraper

8. AM/FM radio with batteries

9. A fully charged cell phone

10. Flashlight

BONUS ITEMS: Disposable cup and TP for really serious circumstances (if you know what I mean)

Have I missed something that you think is necessary? Add it to the comments section below.

Please feel free to share and keep your friends and family safe too!


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