30 Interesting/Random Facts About Me

Here goes nothing….

30. I was born on St. Patrick’s day, but I’m not even Irish.

29. I used to think that I could sing — I suck.

28. Road trips are still super exciting for me.

27. I’m often told I over-think things.

26. I love the holiday spirit, it’s just so magical.

25. For some (odd) reason, I LOVE the scent of my husband’s deodorant mixed with his sweat on a hot day….

24. I love cooking, but I’m pretty average in the kitchen.

23. I can make almost anything you say perverted in my head.

22. I love savory/grease over sweet — I’ll take the wings, you take the chocolate.

21. I can’t wait to move out of NYS to a much warmer climate.

20. Only recently have I become completely comfortable in my own skin.

19. Met husband in high school, first baby at 19, married at 20, second baby at 21, bought first house at 21 — PROUD to have achieved so much, so young.

18. I love surprise snow days, but hate snow.

17. My mom is my best friend (after my husband).

16. I have a lot of random OCD tendancies, just ask my husband and mom.

15. Cereal & milk = YUCK until after my first child was born.

14. I am a licensed cosmetologist – I suck at hair, but love doing nails and make up.

13. I was supposed to be named “James Marshall” after Jimmy Hendrix if I was a boy.

12. This number used to be hilarious (long story) to me and a certain old friend.

11. I could wast away life reading.

10. I drank so much pickle juice from the jar, the pickles had nothing to soak in — I was pregnant.

9. I’ve always wanted to write.  I attempted short stories and poetry numerous times when I was younger.

8. I like to make a week long celebration out of my birthday.

7. I can’t sleep, drive, or do most anything without background noise, namely music.

6.Ketchup = EEW, EEW, EEEEEEWWWW!!!! I can’t stand the smell let alone consume it. Oddly enough, it wasn’t always this way. It all started when I had to fill a squirt bottle with ketchup after scooping it out of a huge bin.

5. I HATE Chucky movies — again, it wasn’t always that way.

4. This is my favorite number.

3. I’m left handed, but play sports with both hands.

2. Death is more than just a fear to me.

1. I’m really not that interesting.

Hope you learned at least one interesting fact. 🙂


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Mom, Wife, Life-Liver, Business Woman

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  1. Love this! I can’t believe we have so much in common! 🙂

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