Drugs and Alcohol

My thoughts on drugs and alcohol

On one hand, I feel like every drug from tobacco to meth should be legalized. Why? For one, it will help the low-lifes kill themselves and slowly be weeded out of society. Secondly, it will reduce the amount of money being spent on arresting/housing (jail) the people involved in the black market for these goods. Finally, it would allow the government to tax the hell out of the drugs as to reduce the national debt. Sounds like there is no reason not to legalize them all, right?

Except for one thing — NOT ALL DRUG ABUSERS ARE WORTHLESS pieces of garbage, so they shouldn’t have such easy access! My husband is an excellent example of that. Each drug (or alcohol) has a way of consuming people that is unimaginable.

He and I have always known that if nothing else, we wanted to be parents. That has been the only goal that we were always fully committed to, and Adam has never fallen short of wonderful when it comes to being a father. The love that is so visible between him and our children still amazes me to this day! Our children have him on such a pedestal.

As a husband, he is very supportive in many different ways. I get to stay at home with the kids while he busts his butt to provide for a four person family off of a very minuscule income. I don’t know too many men who are willing to pull all of the weight, and struggle physically and financially, while their wife gets to enjoy the children.  I am constantly being told how wonderful it is that I have such an involved husband/father, and I couldn’t agree more.

My husband was a victim of poor influences and an addictive personality. Up until he decided to get help, he had HORRID friends and co-workers in his life, and that eventually lead to his addiction. Now I am not saying that he has no fault in the decisions he made; I am saying that addiction can capture even the best people. His drug of choice — opiates (lortabs), which is a synthetic heroin.

The start of his addiction was so classic that it’s almost sickening. He was at work and had complained about some back pain, only to have a friend say “I’ve got something to help with that.” That’s where it began. Accepting that one free “sample” was the first wrong choice of many to come.

The shorter version of Adam’s story:

After finding money stolen from our savings account, numerous lies and uncounted arguments, he finally admitted there was a problem. Well sort of. At that time he said that he had only taken the pills here and there; it wasn’t until I refused to stay around through detox that the truth fully came out. Up until that point I had felt that there was no need for such an aggressive approach for someone who was a “casual” user. Here I was believing that my husband was being honest, and I was sadly mistaken. The truth about his addiction has since been slowly been revealed, but I know that it took a lot of inner strength on his part. It wasn’t that he’s a bad guy; it was the addiction trying to keep itself concealed. I don’t know what it was that finally got through to him, but he had finally found that shred of himself within and decided to get help. He loosened the suffocating grip that his addiction had on him.

Adam is now doing everything he possibly can to get back to normalcy. He has rid himself of every negative influence, changed his phone number and goes to multiple counseling and doctor sessions each week. Those appointments are in addition to almost 11 hours each day for work and keeping up as a husband and father. You know what? He has never complained about how tired he is, or how stupid he thinks the sessions are. It is with his never-ending faith in his new support system that I have truly come to appreciate him in a whole different way. He really is not a bad guy! Like I said, even good people fall victim to poor judgement. Could your stereotypical low-life do the things he’s doing? Not at all!

So what are my thoughts on drugs and alcohol? To keep it brief — they ruin lives, families, and have no purpose here on Earth.


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