Winter (or anytime) S’Mores

I am so very excited so share this snack recipe today!!

Awhile back, we were invited to our friends’ house for dinner, and me being….me, I wanted to be sure that we didn’t arrive empty-handed. Problem is, that I have two children that were wild all day, and the only free time I had was 15 minutes before we went. During those 15 minutes my husband finished getting the kids ready, which freed up my hands and time. Knowing that we had minimal time, I tried to recall a quick recipe I had “pinned” on Pinterest, and I figured I would give this one a whirl.

It turned out to be yummy AND simple….are you starting to see a pattern with my lifestyle? Yep, convenience, simplicity and quality need to be a part of whatever I am doing! 😉

When trying to find the original source via Pinterest, it was directed to a site called

I am not familiar with that site, but from what I gathered, you basically just post pictures, and they do the talking for you. I could be wrong, but in this case the picture was all I needed (you’ll see).

I’ll share how I prepared them, and I hope that you like them. I wasn’t sure if I should brush the inside of the croissants, outside of the croissants, or the pan with oil or butter; but I didn’t ever recall needing to grease a pan for these…..and I wasn’t going to add any butter for additional salt content to these.

I used a package of no-name butter croissants, a handful of chocolate chips and a handful of mini marshmallows.

I opened each triangle of dough, used my judgement as to how many chocolate chips and marshmallows would fit, then rolled them closed. Baked for 15 minutes, and DONE! I threw them in a container and walked immediately out the door! They didn’t get soggy and they were the perfect amount of crunchy/flakey.


My kids and husband love everything S’Mores, and I let them all split one as a taste-test. They were asked to refrain from eating them all before we got to our friends’ house (less than 2 miles away). Delightfully enough, between them and our hosts they were gone before dinner. 🙂 Hope you enjoy these winter s’mores as much as we did!!


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