Six Months Clean

I am so very proud to be writing this post this morning!

Just over six months ago, our family began a rough journey as my husband admitted to having an opiate addiction. At the time, it was so very disturbing. I did not think that I could deal with him or this addiction — at all.

Since then, a whole lot has changed! I have earned more respect for my husband than I ever could have imagined, and our relationship is better than ever. Adam has proved that he can make good choices, and cope with stressors in more positive ways than drugs/pills. Like every other human in the world, he is still a work in progress, but I can’t express enough how proud I truly am.

With all the news and media attention around Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death, my husband is being appreciated even more. I know that opiate addiction can lead to heroin and possibly an ending like Mr. Hoffman, but it just reminds us again how real it truly is. After seeing lots of media coverage on addiction (and therefor confirming all of the facts I shared with her), my mom called me to tell me how proud she is of us and what he is doing. That is always great to hear. Opiate addiction is very real, and very scary. I am just honored to have a husband that could come out of this in a positive way. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

TODAY MARKS SIX MONTHS CLEAN, and I strongly believe that alone is worth celebrating!! 🙂

I made a small cake for him (that doesn’t seem to be uploading), and I plan on reminding him how far he has come.

Just thought I would share a proud moment with all of you!!


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  1. I was cruising through here and wanted to tell you congratulations! I noticed that no one had the courtesy to chime in, but I do. For family reasons I understand the elation you feel and I share it with you. If nothing else you have someone across the miles that is celebrating with you! CONGRATS!!

    • I cannot thank you enough for this!! It means A TON to hear that people can understand and appreciate this post. 🙂 There are many out there who believe that addiction is a choice and in turn, do not see the value in a milestone like this! ❤

    • Oh, and one more side note — literally as you posted this, I was getting criticism from my in-laws, saying that these blog posts are cries for attention. So your comment couldn’t have come at a better time to confirm (to myself) that I am doing this for others, and actually being heard. 🙂 🙂

      • I lost my mom, aunt and uncle to this….I totally understand how important this is. If it was not, then why does AA exist and why do they mark milestones with coins? Rebate that sis in law. 😉 chin up butter cup, ya’ll keep doing the right thing, find a purpose STAY away from old influences, and find something to Re- purpose the time on that is healthy. GOOD job!

    • I am so sorry that you had to lose your family members to this. ❤ ❤ Again, thank you so very much for the words of encouragement.

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