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Growing Up In the 90’s

I Love the 90’s

I think it is pretty normal for all of us to look back at our childhood and miss the things we had back then. I was born in 1990, so I was lucky enough to grow up in the 90’s and the new millennium. We had some pretty neat stuff. Some of it was our version of something older, some was brand new and some was limited time – even for us.


The Sixth Sense, Forrest Gump, Clueless, Tom and Huck, Chucky, The Little Rascals, Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead, Richie Rich, Matilda, Home Alone, The Sandlot, and Jurassic Park.


Crimped hair, big scrunchies, tattoo chokers, big flair pants, hair wraps, Lip Smackers, and the fanny pack.


TV Shows:

Bill Nye the Science Guy, The Magic School Bus, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Lizzie McGuire, Kenan & Kel, All That, Boy Meets World and Hey Arnold. The absolute BEST times to watch television though, were Friday nights and Saturday mornings. On Fridays, the line-up of all the hot shows was called TGIF. On Saturdays all of the best cartoons were on ABC in a time slot called One Saturday Morning.


Puff Daddy, Ace of Base, TLC, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Spice Girls, N*SYNC, Hanson, Backstreet Boys, and Aqua.



Gameboy, Gameboy Color, K’Nex, Tinker Toys, Furby, Scene It, TY Beanie Babies, BloPens, Tamagotchi, Glow Worm, Skip It, Mystery Date, Don’t Break the Ice, Tether Ball, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, SEGA, Playstation (the original), Tech Decks, and the best place to play – Discovery Zone. We called it DZ, and the kids who know Chuck E. Cheese’s, and think it’s awesome are really missing out!



Doritos 3D, Dunkaroos, Whistle Pops, OUCH! Bubble Gum (also known as Band-Aid Gum), Fruit Stripe zebra gum, Tiny Size Chiclets, Butterfinger BB’s,  Baby Bottle Pops, and boxes of cereal that we didn’t choose for their flavor – we chose them because of the prize inside the box!


Other Stuff:

Water beds, Babysitter’s Club books, Junie B. Jones books, Lisa Frank, clear phones, folded notes (that we passed in class), Media Play stores, Goosebumps books, blow up chairs, trapper keepers and Book It. Plus it was always a good day at school if you got to play with the huge parachute in gym class, or got to play Thumbs Up, Seven Up with your friends.


I have been listening to music from my childhood while writing this, and have enjoyed every moment of it! Understand, that there was SO MUCH more that we 90’s kids we able to enjoy, but because I’m certain you have better things to do with the next couple of hours — I have refrained from listing every single thing.

Please feel free to share your childhood favorites — no matter what decade you grew up in!

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