My Son Colored My Couch, With PERMANENT Marker!!

While having a two year old boy always proves to be a challenge, this afternoon we had a series of exceptional events. First, he colored himself and his sticker book with red Sharpie, fine I can deal with that! Took away the marker and the day carried on. Then, I went potty (and of course as a mom, I knew time was limited) only to come back to my couch COLORED with the same red marker. UGGGHH! Then later in the evening while working on my friend’s radio show (The Blog Goddess Radio) my son went into the “cleaning” cupboard, and took a spray bottle of bleach, and well…had fun. He had fun on his hands, and my fridge, and the floor! With a few other events sprinkled throughout the day, I was ready to say goodnight!

Anyhow, the reason for this post tonight is to share how I overcame (possibly) the worst of today’s events.

My dear friend Tina shared a YouTube video with me that instructed me how to remove the marker from the couch. I watched. It looked great…BUT we all know that sometimes, perhaps many times, our version is never the same as the video! SURPRISE!! This time — it worked!! Hallelujah, praise all that is good!

So all I did was take a spray bottle of warm water, sprinkled some baking soda, and gently scrubbed with a toothbrush. Viola! Take a look:


Now, the lighting is different in each, but I promise this is the same couch. Above you see the damage, the first cleaning, then another quick clean.

I felt that giving the couch a rest and coming back to it was needed, and tomorrow I will vacuum the remaining baking soda from the couch. But boy was I relieved to see that it actually worked!!

While I hope that you never need this, I do hope that if (un)luck comes your way, you will remember this, and save yourself the need to waste energy being angry! 🙂 🙂

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