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Small Changes to Living Healthier

Hey there! 

I’ve been sparse, but I do plan on writing more again! Today I wanted to share a couple of simple tips on how to start living healthier. I think we all know that fruits and vegetables are imperative, and that organic/natural foods (among many other things) are ideal. BUT, what I think that many people don’t know, is where the heck to start!

I’m not a doctor, just an average mom and wife, so what I have to share only comes from me. My choices are made based on what is best for MY family according to the research I have done, and the knowledge that I have gained from various sources (that I find reliable).

So my suggestion? — Start simple!

Often times something new is very overwhelming to us. Living a natural, organic, all-around healthier life is NOT easy at first. There is so much to learn and quite honestly, it’s a never-ending learning experience. I personally feel as though all good things are…

The first myth that you MUST clear from your mind is that switching to this lifestyle will be more costly. IT IS NOT!! You must understand that, once you start eating the foods that your body actually needs and wants, you will have to buy less. So when you are buying fruits and vegetables (for example) and those are your snacks, you won’t need to buy pizza rolls and potato chips to snack on. Your grocery bill alone will be cut DRAMATICALLY, not to mention your precious time. I go to the grocery store each week, and only need fruits, veggies, meats for dinner, and usually a few miscellaneous items. Then of course, I hunt for bargains, but really — IN AND OUT!

So let me share two examples on bargain hunting:

I found an all-natural turkey that originally cost $2.29/lb….(bad) eek! It was within a day or so of expiration, so it had been reduced for quick sale — $0.80/lb….(excited) eeek! I froze it until we were ready to eat it, because how could anyone turn down a deal like that? The turkey was 12.49 lbs and originally $28.60 — I snagged it for $10.01. 

Then, I found juice boxes that apparently nobody was interested in, so the store wanted them off the shelves.



HALF OFF, I repeat, HALF OFF!! We don’t do sugary drinks usually, and obviously the less sugar you have the better. But in the summer we tend to grab-and-go rather often, so this is a better option to Capri Suns. Seriously, smart shopping can help your wallet. 

My second tip for today, is that you dehydrate foods. The easiest thing to test out is fruits. We like ours in yogurt, cereal, and just by themselves. Mix them up with a handful of almonds if you’d like — really, they are so versatile!

One thing to keep in mind when dehydrating is that while the fruits will last longer than simply fresh fruits, they will not last forever. You can either store the dehydrated fruit in an AIR TIGHT bag/container (you would need a machine for this), or making smaller amounts that you know you will eat in time. When we make these things at home, we aren’t using preservatives, so we need to remember that it will not last as long in our cupboards as the store-bought stuff.

Here was my last dehydrating session:



Here I used the oven, and I personally HATED it. Everything stuck to the pans, and ended up being wasted. The stuff I put in the dehydrated came out without incident. I made kiwi, banana, strawberry and cinnamon-apple chips. 

I would like to continue sharing health/wellness and food posts with you guys, so please comment below to let me see what you would like to hear more about. 

Thank you for reading!

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